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Pricing / Watermarks

Photography Pricing / Watermarks / Web Services

Professional Images

Why blurry, distorted, low-quality mobile images?

Is it simply convenience to settle for poor photos of a great event or for your profile from what is primarily a phone?

This general acceptance of low quality imagery is definately a British thing - as the USA, Asia, Eastern Europe and the professional business world all know the difference in investing in quality professional images, even for social media profiles.

Why not invest in  yourself and your business with professional image production?

My photography packages provide all the essential elements, plus the crucial creative care required in the post-production stage to make your image shine!

If these sample prices do not reflect your project - contact me to discuss your requirements.

  • Location Portraits

  • £50
    Per Hour + Travel
  • Per 1 hr location shoot (inc. set-up).

    Contact sheet of jpg images (watermark).

    x1 Production (inc. retouching) high res digital image + web version.

    Full Rights (ex. commercial or resale).

  • Studio Shoot

  • £245
    Half Day
  • Up to 4 hrs (inc set-up).

    Contact sheet of jpg images (watermark).

    x3 Post-Production (inc. retouch) high resolution digital images + web versions.

    Full Rights (ex. commercial or resale).

  • Event Photography

  • £195
    Pricing from (2hrs) with Production
  • Contact to discuss the type/scale of your Event.

    Includes Post-Production of all successful images as great web version jpgs. High res files are available as an additional request.

    Full Rights (ex. commercial or resale).

  • Post-Production

  • £20
    Per Image
  • Per image selected from Contact Sheet.

    Post-Production (inc. retouch) high resolution digital image + web version.

    Full Rights (ex. commercial or resale).


The large and hopefully not too intrusive watermarks I have placed over most images on my site are there because they are the only effective measure that can be taken to protect online work. With social media and websites such as "Pinterest" etc often credit is not attached when files are distributed, cropped and then further shared - often losing all accreditation. Plus those social sites are given full ownership of the images you upload by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

I am aware that the use of watermarks is not always practised and different professional photographers have different methods (often never uploading such large image files to begin with). I have consulted numerous artists and have reviewed many other options on this topic and it is generally agreed that this step unfortunately needs to be done.

YOUR ORDER IMAGES WILL NOT HAVE A LARGE WATERMARK - just a usual discreet signature at the edge of the picture, like with a traditional painting.

  • Prints

  • £Enquire
  • I can offer excellent quality giclée printing on either canvas or a choice of fine art papers.

    The quality of giclée ink (colour, detail, longevity) is the standard for fine art replication and the various medium choices lend to the appeal of work.

    The quality control (colour calibration etc) of creating your print will be monitored throughout each step of the process.

Web Design - Pricing

As every website requirement is different, with so many different functions and features that can be embedded, including the preparation and population of the images, text content and any products - I will need to discuss your budget and goals to provide you with a reasonable proposal.

Pricing begins at £245, plus any theme cost.

Integral to the display of any website is the effective hosting of the site files. I can either provide competitive hosting and ongoing maintenance of your website, called "Managed Web Hosting" which includes integral security and other software updates as required - or - you can choose to host the site yourself with a suitable service and we can consider any ongoing relationship for software, security and content updates etc.

All bookings require a deposit of 33% of the agreed total proposal in advance.

Steven Cragg Photography