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About Steven

Striking Photography

:Portrait - Event - Landscape - Infrared - 360:

About Steven

Who Am I?

AH, the very question that stikes at the root of being!

Well, outwardly I am an artist who has crafted across several mediums. I have deep interest in spiritual insight, personal development, in the humanities, in ecology and more. I also have keen joy in various physical activities, such as dance and mountain biking.

Both from and based in the Brighton area, I aspire to combine aesthetic flair and considered composition with detailed construction - essentially to create effective talking-point work. Initially involved with art performance and music production, I later moved to numerous successful web design & e-marketing projects.

Threading throughout all my work there has always been the power of the image and this website offers you some favourite examples of my photography in addition to the bespoke website design services.

My Specialties

  • Portrait Photography - all genres.
  • Event Photography - inc. 'pop-up' studio.
  • Product / Object Photography.
  • Location & Landscape Photography - inc. Infrared and 360/panorama.
  • Bespoke Websites - inc. CMS content management systems which you can edit yourself.


I have been always been a creative. My photography experience spans decades. The images on this website are a selection from the last few years


The quality of an image or website et al begins at the inspiration and flows through the post-production and ongoing support. Most of the images on this website took considerable care to create.


All creations are bespoke. I create to your requirements and offer all I know to make this an easy and successful project.

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