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Who Am I?

Hi. In essence I am an artist who has expressed in several mediums. I have a deep interest in technological advances, in society, in human development and in most importantly – in spiritual insight. I personally have keen interest in various physical activities such as mountain biking.

Both from and based in the Brighton area, I aspire to combine aesthetic flair and considered composition with detailed construction – to create effective talking-point work. Initially involved with art performance and music production, I later moved to web design & e-marketing projects.

Threading throughout all my creations there has always been the power of the image and I now offer comprehensive photography services in addition to website design plus:

· Portrait photography – all genres.

· Event photography – inc. a ‘pop-up’ studio, themed if required.

· Product / Object photography.

· Location & Landscape photography – inc. infrared and panorama.

Photography Pricing

If you are interested in asking me about photography, then simply contact me. We can then discuss what it is you need and we can talk about the options etc. To produce quality images usually requires some planning, equipment, plus post-production and the below price lists are a guide to what I would like to charge. I do not always request these amounts – yet I hope the information provides you with a guide to the level of time and investment that decent images require:

Studio Photography

£160 for up to 2 hours (includes preparation of images – see below*).
£250 for half day / 4 hours (includes preparation of images – see below*).
£400 for full day / 8 hours (includes preparation of images – see below*).

– in a fully equipped professional photography studio located in Brighton.

Price includes:
– me / my camera … and my wonderful personality to keep us all relax.
– use of all studio equipment and facilities.
– additional studio staff assistance for lighting set-ups.

You will receive:
– Contact sheet jpeg files of all successful images for you to review and select from*.


Location Photography

£40 per hour – plus travel expenses (includes preparation of images – see below*).

Price includes:
– myself and required equipment.

You will receive:
– Contact sheet jpeg file(s) of all successful images, unedited with watermark, for you to review and select from*.


Event Photography

I offer either a ‘Pop-Up’ photo studio (themed or not) for studio quality images -or- a ‘Roaming’ service, where I move around the event capturing the guests and the ambience with a variety of capture techniques. As events vary greatly in nature and scale – contact me to discuss your occasion.

Object Photography

– Contact me to discuss your requirement.



I always work in RAW format (negative files/not in-camera processed), where every file individually requires post-processing to make optimal, plus any further editing and creative enhancements. This work can take from x15 min (quick review) to over x2 hours plus (“extensive”) to complete per image. The difference between the non-processed contact sheet previews you will first receive and a final post-produced image is very noticeable.

£10 per image – “basic” production.
£15 per image – “typical” enhancements.
£25 + per image – “extensive” edits.

– Nb: I will supply you with BOTH a large-size high-resolution image file for print purposes AND the same image as a large computer web size jpeg file for general use on websites and social media etc.


All bookings require a deposit of 50% minimum of the agreed shoot total paid in advance, only redeemable if a shoot is cancelled 5x working days in advance, with the following exceptions:
Event photography requires greater advance notice of cancellation – agreed when booked.
If the shoot includes a prepaid studio deposit then this fee is non-revokable (being subtracted from the initial booking total before the remaining amount is reimbursed).


The rather large (and hopefully not too intrusive) watermarks I have placed over most images on this website are purely there because they are the only effective measure that can be taken to protect online work. With social media and websites such as “Pinterest” etc, the internet is a vast sharing place and often credit is not attached when files are freely distributed and then further shared, often losing all accreditation.

I am aware that this is not always practised and different professional photographers have different methods (often never uploading such large image files to begin with). I have consulted numerous artists about this topic and it is generally agreed that this, unfortunately, needs to be done.

Please note – YOUR order images do not have a large watermark on their private files/prints – just a usual discreet edge signature at the edge of the picture (like with a painting).


Full credit must be given to all people both in my website gallery pictures and those behind the scenes … the models and various artists who make the frames so colourful and animated and the MUA/stylists whom I have had the privilege of working with and especially those who have provided me with encouragement to pursue this activity.


it’s You that makes it Beautiful

Steven Cragg Photography

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